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Press Release

Clackamas Greenhouses Inc. announces that it is suspending operations in 2011.

Clackamas Greenhouses In will suspend it growing operations on Dec 31st 2010 and pursue a long-term lease or possibly

a sale of its greenhouse facilities.

After 99 years in business Clackamas Greenhouses of AuroraOregonwill suspend
it's growing operations and actively seek a long term lease or sale of its production
facilities inAuroraOregon.ClackamasGreenhouseswishes to stress that allChristmas
orders will be filled with the customary Clackamas assurance of top quality plants and
excellent customer service.
Since losing both it's banks in the financial meltdown that started in 2008 and
continues todayClackamasGreenhouses has relentlessly pursued a replacement banking
relationship but has been unsuccessful in these efforts. This failure to find a financial
partner has forced the suspension of operations after thisChristmas season.
Clackamas Greenhouseswants to thank all of it's hundreds of loyal customers for
their years of patronage and express its sorrow in not being able to serve the floral
industry for a full 100 years.

A Heart felt Thanks to all our wonderful customers.

On July 20th 1911 Fritz Niklas, my great grandfather wrote a check, to a Mr. James
Forbes for $2000.00. This was the original payment for ownership of what would become in
1922 Clackamas Greenhouses Inc. I know this because that check hangs framed in our offices
to this day.

It is with a heavy heart, but with some understandable pride, that I take this opportunity to
inform all of you that on December 31st of 2010 Clackamas Greenhouses will suspend its
growing operations.

To all of you who have once again placed your trust in us by allowing us the privilege of
growing your Poinsettias and other holiday plants please rest assured. I am proud that our final
crops are excellent and all your orders will be filled with the customary attention to quality
products and quality customer service that have been our pledge to you for 99 years.
Between February of 2009 and January of 2010 both of our banks failed.We have been
relentlessly pursuing a new banking relationship for 20 months. Since July of 2010 we have
redoubled our efforts as we had obtained contracts and purchase orders from national players.
Even with contracts in hand we have been unable to establish a banking relationship that
would allow us to fulfill those contracts. Thus our decision to suspend operations and pursue a
strategy of leasing our growing assets.

On the behalf of my father, Ed, my sisters Susie and Joan, my brother Mark, my son Richard
and myself Please accept our thanks for allowing us to serve you for these many years. There
are no more wonderful people in the world than those who make their living caring for and
selling, natures fragile jewels, flowers and plants.

Please keep our valued employees in your prayers as they cope with these difficult times. And
once again thank you for 99 very wonderful years.

Have a good holiday season and a great 2011 spring season. I am sure I will see you around!

David Niklas
Clackamas Greenhouses Inc.